suppose to be taking line notes. but first, #LemmaTakeASelfie @BosPubWorks #turtles #ComingSoon (at Berklee College of Music)

suppose to be taking line notes. but first, #LemmaTakeASelfie @BosPubWorks #turtles #ComingSoon (at Berklee College of Music)

Monday Oct 13 05:35pm

I’m a firm believer that we are all connect one way or the other, even with our enemies. It’s just a matter of who’s going to do the connecting. If I know they won’t, then I gladly will because I’m not gonna be sitting around playing duck duck goose. And once we’ve connected, I’ll know how to associate myself with them. Whether it’s just as a collegue, a friend, a lover or even just someone to exchange salutations with…because I appreciate everyone for living their life along mine, even if it’s unconsciously.

Sunday Oct 5 02:13am


Sunday Sep 28 03:01pm
Sandy Feet

Sandy Feet

Sunday Sep 28 03:01pm


Sunday Sep 28 03:00pm
Brea’s lips…

Brea’s lips…

Friday Sep 12 08:59pm
song for a stranger

My Dearest,
I dreamt of you in the yesternight.
Together we rode past the countryside,
Fingers locked and palms pressed.
We shared stories beneath the stars,
As they too whispered tales of their own.
In our silence we listened.
Whilst the stars quietly performed,
Flying across the skies,
My heart fell in between the conversation.
Pounding, nearly knocking through my chest.
Freeing itself from the cage that keeps it hostage.
Pulling me closer to you within each pulse.
My lips fall onto yours.
Our bodies connected by the softness of our skin.
A promise of new mysteries,
Sworn by the moist tenderness of each press.
I awake.
Alone on my bedside,
Wondering of your escape.
I turn to the window and out into the space,
Waiting for the stars to form your beautiful face.
Tall I stand to be closer to you,
To once again feel a love so true.
My dearest,
Remain where you take place.
For I will rise over the mountains, and
Through the plains,
To celebrate the moment we become the same.

Friday Aug 8 08:56pm
the story of a man, looking to find love for his heart. Wednesday Aug 6 07:28am

a moment as this.

breaths of fresh air filling my lungs.

i feel as it expands, pressing against my chess.

an exhale, and suddenly there is space.

a breath that reminds me of life.

that kind of feeling where everything begins over again.

moment after moment.

a breath, an embrace of everything around.

earth, and its colors.

as it breathes through the ground and the trees.

the winds and the waves.

moving around the world in different ways,

yet all the same.

Wednesday Aug 6 07:26am

Friday Jul 4 03:06pm


Monday May 5 11:17am
#dominicanrepublic #samana #playa #Carolima

#dominicanrepublic #samana #playa #Carolima

Monday May 5 11:17am
Sunday Apr 27 08:47am


Thursday Apr 24 10:17pm
buddy moment #24
  • ABA: If someone were to offer you $500 right now for Pacific (mannequin), would you take it?
  • ACN: No.
  • ABA: What?! Why Not?! That would solve so much for you!
  • ACN: If I sold her, those $500 would eventually be gone and I still wouldn't have Pacific.
Sunday Mar 16 08:21pm
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